Rachel. 19, Army ROTC Cadet. EMT, Firefighting, first responder. I hope to go to the police academy after I serve in the Army. I play the trumpet.

This week:
Squad interview tomorrow morning.
PT Wednesday morning and lab at night.
More squad stuff thursday.
PT friday morning.
Chill/do work Saturday
Running an 11k on Sunday with my battalion. (I am gonna get smoked because I suck at running).

Lets get it done

Im literally sitting here with bags of ice under my arms and around my neck and I’m still sweating my balls off in this oven room. Like it isn’t even hot out. At all.

Saturday night was perfect. I went to a birthday party with my friend, then we walked back to one of the guys apartment. Then my one friend fell asleep and me and the two other guys sat on his patio and talked. It was perfect weather out and we were just talking about history (because we’re all history majors) and we had a few beers and it was just perfect. I’d do it every night if I could.